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James at Pro Temp Controls has over 20 years experience managing and maintaining commercial buildings. He is familiar with building automation systems as both a ticketed building operator and a red seal refrigeration/air conditioning mechanic/gas fitter, he has a thorough understanding of your buildings mechanical systems. Couple this experience with excellent customer service skills and you can be assured you and your buildings tenants are in good hands.

We understand that both tenant satisfaction and building operating budgets are of high concern to a building manager and we can help you with both. We do this by having a good look at your buildings energy management system, whether that is programmable thermostats or an automated building management system we have experience with it. A properly maintained system will help you save on energy costs and will help ensure tenant satisfaction. Little things like slipping belts, dirty coils, space temperatures set incorrectly can all add up and increase your maintenance costs, decrease the life span of your HVAC equipment and result in more unplanned equipment breakdowns. A maintenance plan can be set up that best suits the needs of your building. This usually should be 2 or 4 visits per year performing both a spring and fall start up with a couple of mid season inspections included for things like filters, belts and function tests.

A maintenance package can include services such as: air filter changes, belts, electrical components inspections for loose wiring, signs of over heating components, motors and compressor current checks, condenser coil cleaning, function checks on enthalpy controls and space temperature checks and calibrations of thermostats, check BMS system set points and controls operation, inspections of mechanical cooling systems for signs of refrigerant leaks and diagnostic checks of operating systems. Both written and picture/video reports are included in the maintenance packages.

Any commercial clients using pro temp control as part of a maintenance package will receive preferential status when break downs do occur and will also receive marked down pricing on parts. If you are considering us to be your HVAC contractor of choice please know that we will never try to upsell you on service or products you don’t need. We strongly believe in building our business through referrals from happy customers.

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